You can use this page to email troops serving in Iraqi Freedom or Enduring Freedom. You will not get their direct email address when you write to them. In a world of SPAM, we wanted to avoid them getting unwanted emails through our site. You can provide your email to them, and should they have the time to email back, you will then get their direct email and not have to use this site for the purpose of emailing them back.


   Their page will give you as much information as we have specific to them. Simply fill in the form and hit send. If you choose not to enter the text inside the image at the bottom of their page, the email will come to us, and we will simply delete it.


   If you know of someone that you think would like or needs a pen pal from back here in the United States, please email us their email address by clicking here. We will not provide their email address to anyone. Please include as much information about them as possible in your email.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Enduring Freedom
SPC Holm, Carl R. SSGT Rego, Jason
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